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Our Mission

We want to reduce consumption and plastic waste and have a few projects to address this.

REPAIR DEN: Our resource efficiency hub aims to make the most of the things we have and reducing the amount we consume. We propose to set up a repair den, somewhere you can come to have household items repaired and maybe to learn a few ways you can repairs things too.  If you have any repair skills we’d love to hear from you. Given the current situation we’ll be aiming towards the Spring to host an event. 

REFILL & COLLECT DEN: One of the easiest things we can do to reduce plastic waste, is to re-use plastic bottles. More can now be re-cycled but as we know they last several human lifetimes in the environment-breaking down very slowly and adding microplastics to the food chain as well as harming wildlife.

We are now selling SESI detergents and household liquids which we dispense into your old laundry liquid or spray bottles (though any bottle that saves you buying more plastic will do). The items we sell are eco-friendly, good value and smell nice too!  Find us at Deddington Market or get in touch directly to buy some.

 See price list below:

Sharing Hub: rather than create something new, we are encouraging people to use Streetbank. Here you can post items that others may want to borrow. You can search for something you need either for a short time or to test if it is right for you. Its better than buying something you don’t need or isn’t up to the job.

It will work best the more people sign up and you can choose if your audience is very local or from further afield.

price of detergents

What can we all do to help?

Reduce plastics

Try buying in bulk and refilling old containers to reduce the amount of plastic waste from food shopping. 

Mend your stuff!

Before you head out to the shops, think about whether your old items could be repaired rather than replaced. 

Share your talents

Have you got any skills that could help others to repair their items? Please let us know if you’d like to be listed as a local expert.

Borrow don’t buy

Fancy trying out a breadmaker? Try borrowing before you buy. Streetbank have many really useful items available in our local area.