Making Energy work for the planet and our communities

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Our Mission

Our energy hub is focused on helping reduce our demand for and use of energy and climate emitting activity for our homes, businesses, and farms within 5 miles of Deddington.

Cherwell District Council have adopted a net zero carbon target for 2030 and Oxfordshire for 2050. This means that they have committed to reducing and offsetting all carbon and greenhouse gases for their activities by these dates. We have opted for a zero-carbon date of 2040 for DEN and our communities which gives us a little under twenty years to get there.

Our initial work suggests that our community activity within a 5-mile radius of Deddington is emitting circa 450,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum. 

Approximately 40% of our carbon emissions are attributable to transportation (cars, LGV’s, HGV’s, and motorbikes) with only 4% attributable to rail and bus transportation. Residential and commercial heating contributes 25% with residential and commercial electricity 21%.

Our energy team is working with Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire Council and Low Carbon hub to access support to help us all do this and we’ll update you explaining how you can access support to help you reduce carbon emissions over the coming weeks and months.

What can we all do to help?

Reduce Car Journeys

Where possible, reduce the number of car journeys you take. Consider using public transport or signing up to a car share scheme, such as Turo

Check your thermostats 

Check all your thermostats to ensure that you’re only heating your home as warm as it needs to be for your family to be comfortable. 

Install LED lights

As light bulbs fail in your house replace them with highly efficient LED light bulbs, which have come down in price significantly. 

Insulate your home

Make sure that your house is well insulated in both the walls and roof. Find out more at Cosy Homes Oxfordshire