If you’ve been missing stocking-up on Sesi washing up liquid etc at the Deddington Farmers’ Market we’ve got some alternatives for you..

  1. The new community refill point in St Mary Magdalene Church in Duns Tew is offering washing up liquid at £3/litre or 30p/100ml.  It’s cash only for now, into the wall safe by the door of the church, which is emptied daily. Don’t forget to bring your own bottles with you!
  2. Visit the Barford Farmers’ Market on the third Saturday of every month – except January and August – between 10 and 12 noon, and stock up on washing up liquid, all-purpose cleaner, hand soap and non-bio laundry liquid. 
  3. If you’re happy to commit to a minimum purchase order of 5 litres, we are placing occasional bulk orders. We need to buy at least £150 worth of stock – which is why we have the 5L minimum – of any item.. You’ll need a 5L container, which we can add to the first order, or you can source these yourself. The price of all products will be cost + a share of delivery charge (£18), so may vary slightly but you’ll be getting them at the lowest cost possible. We can deliver within Deddington. Our next order is likely to be in January, find out more by messaging us on Facebook or by emailing us at  info@deddingtonenvironment.net.
  4. Order online from Nothing But Footprints in Banbury on https://www.refillnotlandfill.co.uk and Dan will deliver to your door on a Thursday when you can give him your empty containers for your next delivery. He’s also opened another shop in Bicester at 16 Sheep Street (inside ‘Bicester Green’).