To date, no substitute has been found to replace Rolling Oats at the Deddington market.

However, if you do still wish to buy detergent refills and are able to commit to a minimum purchase order of 5 litres, then we are placing occasional orders.

To qualify we need to purchases at least £150 worth of stock – which is why we have the 5L minimum –  for any particular item you may wish to buy. You will also need a 5L container and a pump (if you wish), which we can add to the first order. Alternatively you can source these yourself.

The price of detergents will be cost + a share of delivery charge (£18), so may vary slightly depending on the quantity we bulk buy in any single order. However you will be getting the detergent at the lowest cost possible in each order ( and always cheaper than from a shop). We will deliver it to those living in Deddington if they wish but otherwise you will need to collect it in person from us. Details given on order.

Our next order is likely to be in January but you can sign up for updates by messaging us on Facebook or emailing 

Signing up doesn’t commit you to making a purchase but we can only order when we have met the £150 threshold.