3 June was National Bicycle Day, so to mark this, we spoke to James from Deddington’s own The Cycological Shop!

Hi James, tell us about The Cyclogical Shop:

The Cyclogical Shop has been established for a shade over 30 years and has been run as a family business. David and Beryl Greenwood are now retired, and the shop is run by James Greenwood, with the accounts being looked after by his wife, Sharon Greenwood. The Cyclogical Shop is primarily a cycle repair and service centre. Bike sales feature Giant Bikes – these cater for Adults and children, with a full range of Mountain, Road, Hybrid and Children’s cycles. Electric bikes form a steady sector of the business, with the Explore E bikes (town and country) forming the most popular line. These bikes have a range of between 50 and 95 miles and come in gents and ladies styles. With the increasingly technology focused side of cycling, all electronic gear sets can be serviced, and all Giant electric bikes are updated at the Cyclogical Shop via blue tooth technology. A full range of accessories are always available, together with friendly advice and banter. Its not only bikes the Cyclogical shop is able to service, several customers have disabled bikes, wheel chair attachments, uni cycles and wheel barrows!

How do you support your customers in living greener lifestyles?

Cyclogical strives to increase its greener credentials, but sometimes you do feel you are banging your head against a brick wall. All our cardboard waste is either recycled of passed on to customers who need it for packaging or allotment weed blanketing. All our metal waste is taken for scrap recycling. We are also in partnership with Schwable , who take all waste inner tubes and recycle these into new inner tubes In the pipe line is cycle tyre recycling, which will hopefully go live within the next two years. Some of our inner tube waste has also been fashioned into belts and wallets.

The Cyclogical Shop always strives to keep as many cycles going as it can therefore reducing the need to throw away old bikes – the one thing we have no control over is obsolescence.

As already mentioned, E bikes are always an option for cycling over driving / commuting – and are certainly a boost for those who maybe put off by the hilly nature of our area.

How can our newsletter readers get in touch?

We are open 5 days a week and situated between Medipill Pharmacy and Hair Raisers in Hudson Street, Deddington. Always willing to answer the phone on 01869 338090. To be honest, e mail (sales@cyclogicalshop.co.uk) and messenger / facebook enquires may take a day to reply as when busy in the workshop, time runs away with us as when servicing bikes, computer time is at a premium.

We prefer face to face interaction as we always like to discuss work programmes and fit bikes to the rider.

Our maintenance sessions are run on a one to one basis and occur during work hours.