6-12 March is Food Waste Action Week and the theme this year is ‘Win, don’t bin’.
We collected some tips from DEN members to help reduce how much edible food is thrown away.

  • Put leftovers into food flasks for children’s packed lunches – warm lunch is much nicer than cold sandwiches in winter!
  • Make leftover crusts or stale bread into breadcrumbs – great to top a pasta bake or include in meatballs or fishcakes
  • Don’t throw away the stalk of a broccoli! It’s really tasty cut up and included in a stir fry
  • Carrot leaf pesto: blitz washed carrot tops with garlic, salt and pepper and some oil. You can add in lemon juice, parmesan/ vegan cheese, and any herbs too. Use it as you would pesto!