The Scouts have started a project to map the sightings of hedgehogs in Deddington. We hope this will lead to the formation of ‘highways’ which will allow hedge- hogs to roam safely. They can travel up to 2km a night but our modern practice of solid boundaries instead of hedges stops them moving easily from garden to garden. A simple 13cm hole (gateway) cut into a fence or wall can make all the difference.

We are asking a few simple questions: have you seen a hedgehog or evidence of one – it could be poo or a ‘nest’ – in your garden in the past 12 months? If so,what’s your address? What are your garden boundaries made of? Do you already have a hedgehog ‘gateway’?

Please let us know if you have any information on any hedgehogs currently living in Deddington. You can contact us at or come to the March farmers’ market to plot your sightings on our map and claim your hedgehog fridge magnet.