Are you, or someone you know, worried about rapidly rising energy bills?

Would you like to reduce heat loss from your home?

Do you care about the impact of the continued use of fossil fuels on the environment?

Come and learn more at The Holly Tree, Deddington on Tuesday 27th September at 7 pm.

This event aims to offer practical support for vulnerable people in our parish and information for all homeowners keen to improve the thermal efficiency of their homes.

Dan Desmond, who has built his own eco-house in Deddington, will be explaining simple ways to identify heat loss using infra-red photography. And, along with Johnsons of Deddington, he’ll be demonstrating different, practical ways to insulate your home, from simple DIY installations to more comprehensive solutions.

You will have the opportunity to sign up for free infra-red external photograph(s) of you home (to be carried out by trained volunteers) and ask questions over refreshments. In the future our aim is to recruit a team of volunteers who can help those most in need with low and no-cost installations.

Please email DEN to find out more and book your place or a drop a note to Dan Desmond at Middle Yard, The Tchure, Deddington, OX15 0UB, letting him know your phone no and how many people would like to attend the event.