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Community Orchard

Our Mission

Our rich variety of plants and animals is declining at an alarming rate both globally and here in the UK. We want to work on a local level to give our existing special habitats some much needed TLC and to identify some new sites where we could create havens for people and wildlife through schemes such as planting native hedgerow, orchards, trees or creating wildflower areas. If you’d like to join us in giving nature a helping hand or you have some good ideas, skills or knowledge you could share we would be very pleased to hear from you.

In late 2021 the Biodiversity team, together with Deddington Parish Council planted a Community Orchard at the Welford’s Piece in Clifton. Click here to find out more.

What can we all do to help?

Love your weeds!

Before you head for the Roundup, think about whether you could learn to tolerate some of the weeds in your garden – our native wildlife love them!

Biodiversity Patch

Leave that untidy corner of your garden for nature to use – Nettles and Thistles are loved by our native insects and mammals.

Make a Bug Hotel

Pile all your dead branches, twigs, leaves and pine cones into a bug hotel. Find out more.

Bee Friendly Plants

Provide for bees and butterflies all-year round by planting shrubs and plants at different times. Find out more