This year the Parish Council worked with their grass cutting contractors to leave 16 verge sites across the parish of Deddington un-mown for late-spring and into summer. This allowed wildflowers to set seed and complete their lifecycle before being mown, helping us to improve the number and diversity of flora we see locally and providing more nectar for insects and pollinators. The longer grass also provided valuable habitat for other wildlife.

Whilst some don’t warm to the No Mow aesthetic, many enjoy the ‘wilder’, softer look and the diversity of wildlife it encourages and supports. The colours, textures, sounds and smells have brightened up daily walks and made interesting and fun investigations for young and old alike. It’s been great to see people’s gardens or borders being left to run a bit more wild too .

DEN surveyed some of the No Mow sites and below is a list of plant species we’ve found. There have also been many insects to enjoy (with the odd bite or sting!).

We’ve tried to capture the essence of No Mow photographically. We’ve included some montages and are aiming to curate a display later this year.

Thanks to the Parish for taking a lead on No Mow and managing the contractors to keep sight lines clear in response to concerns about road safety in some areas. The mowers have now returned but we’re looking forward to seeing what grows, crawls, flies and thrives again next year!


Goose Green: Cuckoo Flower, Cow Parsley, Creeping Buttercup, Meadow Buttercup, Dandelion, Sweet Violet, Daisy, Small Leaved Geranium, Herb Roberts Geranium, Sow Thistle, Speedwell, Oregano, Wild Margium, Pellitar-of-the-Wall (not a native?), Broadleaf Dock, Spear Thistle, Chickweed, Ivy League Toadflax, Black Medic, Fern Grass, Plantain, Pyramidal Orchid

Market Green: Forget Me Knot, Shepherd’s Purse, Red Dead Nettle, Speedwell, Chickweed, Daisy, Meadow Buttercup, Minors lettuce, Common Yarrow

Outside library: Hedge Mustard


Strip at the front of Tithe End: Creeping Buttercup, Common Nipplewort, Ragwort, Wood Avens, Herb Robert Geranium

Strip at the back of Tithe End by main road: Cow Parsley, Spiny Sow Thistle, Common Birds Foot Trefoil, Common Yarrow, Cut Leaf Geranium, Common Mallow, Daisy, Spear Thistle, Pickly Lettuce, Shepherd’s Purse, Field Mustard, Poppy

Welford’s Piece: Bitter Dock, Red Vein Dock, Cow Parsley, Creeping Buttercup, Clover, Common Self Heal, Crimson Clover, Common Borage, Sweet Alyssum, Crown Daisy, Curly Dock, Creeping Thistle, Speedwell