On Sunday 2 April, 35 volunteers from Hempton, Clifton and Deddington took part in The Great British Spring Clean community litter pick. Cherwell District Council and Deddington Parish Council helped provide the equipment although some keen wombles brought their own. Over the course of the day over thirty bags of rubbish/recycling were collected including a tent, a combustion engine, a lawn mower, a car bumper, a dog bed, a window, a multitude of food and drink containers and wrappers and numerous plastic cable ties. The crew reported that it felt really satisfying to be doing something to help and it was much more enjoyable than they expected. A HUGE thank you to everyone who took part – together we really made a difference! If you’d like to get involved in the next litter pick, scheduled for the Autumn, or if you have some spare time to do some impromptu picking and would like to borrow some pickers and/or high vis vests in the meantime, then please get in touch with us on info@deddingtonenvironment.net. You can phone Cherwell Council on 01295 221674 who can arrange to collect litter left in bags on the side of the road.