There have been developments with regards selling eco-friendly, refillables from Deddington Farmers’ Market. We’ve been in operation since 2020 and have a good base of local people now buying refillable detergents from us.

As of this March, The Rolling Oats will bringing their refill van to the market selling grains, seeds, oils, vinegar, coffee, tea and a range of SESI refillables as well as Faith in Nature toiletries.

This is great news as it makes the whole refills concept in Deddington more sustainable and broader in scope. DEN will be at the March market with refills (you can take your pick who to buy from) but after that we will sell off-market only.

We ask that you continue to show your support for refillable shopping by purchasing from Rolling Oats at the market. You can still get in touch with us via Facebook messenger if you need refills at other times.

Thanks for all your support at the market over the past 3 years and don’t forgot you can contact/join DEN to make suggestions, share ideas or volunteer with any existing projects or to run with your own ideas.

Message here or email and as we’ll still have a presence at the market you can also catch up with us there.

We spoke to Chris, founder of The Rolling Oats, to find out more about their business!

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Chris and I set up the Rolling Oats with friend in 2020. I have spent all of my adult life trying to live as sustainably as I can. I have lived in intentional Communities for most of my adult life. The I spent the last 25 years living as part of communal living group, growing food organically, raising livestock, planting trees, installing renewables, cooking for 20 plus people and much more!

How does The Rolling Oats help customers to live greener lifestyles?

The Rolling Oats is a mobile refill shop the idea being to offer single use plastic free shopping on markets and villages. We have a large range of kitchen essentials dried fruit,nuts,baking products, rice, pasta, lentils, coffee, tea, chocolate, and oils and vinegars. We also stock Alm the household cleaning products you could need and a range of toiletries. Where possible we also offer organic, ethical and local products.

How can our members buy from you?

We’ll be at Deddington Farmer’s Market in March, April and May on an initial basis and you can also find us at Bicester, Buckingham and Winslow markets!

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