Great news! Grant funding has been successfully secured to create a Heritage Community Orchard at The Welford’s Piece, Tithe Lane, Clifton. A big thank you to the Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE) whose funding will cover the cost of the trees, bulbs, signage and an expert to help us with the planting and to train volunteers on pruning and tree maintenance.

We will be holding a planting day on Saturday, 16th of October from 10.30am – 1pm where, along with expert Andy Howard from the Heritage Fruit Co. we will be planting 15 fruit trees a mix of apples (eating and cooking) plums, pears and even a medlar tree (if left to soften these fruits mellow and are considered a traditional treat!).

All the trees are heritage varieties linked to this area and will include an apple tree native to this parish the Deddington Pippen. We will also be planting 900 crocus bulbs which will provide a fabulous swath of colour as well as some welcome food for pollinators.We really hope you will be able to join us for the planting day. Bring along your tools and come and help us plant the trees and bulbs, or simply come and say hi and watch us do the hard work! We need volunteers to help us ensure the orchard is well looked after and the community enjoy the site as much as possible over the long term.

If you would be interested in working with others to maintain the site or join an orchard committee please contact we have already secured funding to pay for the trees themselves we are no longer thinking of offering tree sponsorship. However, we had a lot of kind people indicating that they would be willing to contribute to the orchard and we will be asking for donations in the coming weeks. All the monies raised will be put into a maintenance pot for the site to allow the orchard to be cared for well, over the longer term.

Watch this Space!

We thank everyone for your support.