Can you help? We need your empties including plastic takeaway boxesWe’re looking forward to seeing you at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning and have a request.. We are running low on our stock of spare bottles that we give out to people who have forgotten theirs or are not aware that we are providing a refill service. Even if you don’t have to refill your own bottles with any of our wonderful Sesi products tomorrow, please could you drop off any spare and clean bottles?

Dan at the Plastic-Free shop, Nothing but Footprints, would love your clean, empty takeaway boxes (with lids that fit). He is trying to expand his delivery service in order to keep everyone’s food miles down but does not want to buy new plastic boxes as this obviously only increases plastic demand and manufacture. If you drop them off with us at the DEN stall tomorrow we will make sure he gets them.

Book a train and plant a tree

If you’re planning any train trips this summer then check out the Treehuggerwebsite.  The company has joined forces with the Royal Forestry Society and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society and pledges to plant a tree for every train journey booked through them, and also promises a third of their revenue will be ploughed back into tree planting. Ticket prices are no more expensive than any other booking services and they are launching their app soon, but in the meantime you can book through their website.
Do get in touch if you want to be involved, drop us a line at info@deddingtonenvironment.netWe look forward to speaking to you soon.

 The DEN team.